Quotes Hello Dr. Health Flex, I am a personal trainer in Maryland and I compete in triathlons.Last year I met an 84 year old at a marathon and he finished in the top 50. I was blown away. He told me he drank a green veggie mix every day and has for 15 yrs. I was sold but I did not ask him where he got it . My exhaustive research led me to your formula and I have recorded my best times in training ever and at age 40 I am stoked. Thanks for your due diligence. Quotes
Bryan Thomas,PT
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Quotes I was diagnosed with cancer in my lymph nodes and you started me on a nutrient dense diet two years ago, I lost 68 lbs and my cancer is in remission, I am reordering my Super Green Smoothie and after a month my husband remarked that my skin was looking younger. I researched the formula you use and found that Dr. Health Flex's formula with the Glutathione also helps promote collagen production. Thank you so much i am telling everyone I know. Quotes
What a great serendipity!

Quotes I have lost 53 lbs and have far to go, but reading the studies on Hoodia and knowing that Bushman have used this extract for centuries was enough for me to give it a try.Cool thing is I no longer eat off of my grandchildren's plates. Quotes
I have battled with never feeling satiated my entire adult life

Quotes recommended from a friend Posted by Sally, Michigan USA on 6th Nov 2013 This patch has lived up to what I had heard about it from my friend at work who lost weight using it. Its been 4 weeks now for me and I've lost 13 lbs. I'm eating a healthier diet and exercising regularly now and have been losing weight weekly, but when wearing the patch the weight has been coming off even faster! I think this is a remarkable product and will continue to use it until I reach my goal weight, 26 more pounds to go.... These Weight Loss Patches really work! Posted by Unknown on 5th Oct 2013 These weight loss patches really work! I have already been losing weight steadily in the first few weeks. I like that they are safe and natural as well. I would recommend these patches to anyone. I swear by the Skinny patches! Quotes
Skinny Patch Product testimonials
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