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The Advantage Smoothie


This 1 lb smoothie mix is a basic mix with the key ingredients  for building Nitric Oxide and boosting Glutathione. You can add your own frozen vegetables/and or frozen fruit.

Benefits: may include Building lean muscle, lower blood pressure , increase energy and athletic performance, improve circulation, detoxify your liver and carry more oxygen to the blood, improve immune function via the glutathione pathway, improve anti-oxidant function.


Healthy Controlled Blood pressure, major increase in circulation,increase immunity, cardiovascular health,increase athletic performance by virtue of . The Advantage smoothie greatly reduced the oxygen cost of moderate-intensity knee extensor exercise by 25% and increased the time to exhaustion during high-intensity knee extensor exercise by 25%.

Increased Nitric Oxide appears to lower the oxygen cost of exercise by reducing the total ATP cost of muscle force production—the muscles use less ATP to produce the same amount of work. The dietary nitrate powder also decreases the breakdown of phosphocreatine (the limited reserve of high-energy phosphate that resynthesizes ATP), thus lessening muscle metabolic disruption.

These changes may be due to an increased efficiency of mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation or increased efficiency of calcium transport by the sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca-ATPases. Dietary nitrate supplementation also may improve exercise performance by increasing blood flow to the exercising muscles and improving the match between blood flow and oxygen uptake.

Bailey and colleagues5 noted that the protective effect of nitrite on infarct size that’s been reported in experimental models of myocardial ischemia may be due to a nitric oxide-mediated reduction in the energy (and oxygen cost) of contraction in the heart in addition to enhanced perfusion of ischemic areas.

The mid chain fatty acids found in this mix fight cognitive degradation.The taste is great too!(with the coconut option)

Ingredients: organic raw beet root, organic raw undenatured whey, organic raw banana flakes,and green blend. Coconut is an option.

In our clinic 98% have lowered blood pressure within three weeks and increased measuable Nitric Oxide levels.


Raw Organic Undenatured whey protein for boosting Glutathione and building lean muscle

Raw Organic freeze dried beet root powder for deleivery Nitric Oxide

Raw Organic freeze dried banana for brain boosting serotonin and flavor

Raw Organic Hawthorne berry powder

Raw Organic Spinach powder (optional)

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